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Who am I? Information about Christine Fischer
- CV, hobbies, interests, thoughts about relationships in general, wishes and dreams

Also attached are Links to my favourite pages.
Bharata Natyam
- a traditionel, South-Indian Dance,that can tell a whole story by using hands, feet and facial expression only.

Also attached are Links to pictures of this dance and information about India, as well as books about this topic.
Bellydance                Oriental dance from 1001 nights
- I will talk a bit from my experience as a bellydance-teacher and tell you about the German belly dance scene.Then I will give some advice for the first basic steps in learning this kind of art and tell you about suitable pieces of music.

Also attached are Links to bellydance pictures and to pages that deal with belly dance, including regularly published magazines and books about this topic.
Romantiscm Loose yourself in a world of feelings
- poems, sayings, wisdom about love, friendship, trust...and a lot more. Keep on dreaming!

Also attached are Links to dreamlike pictures full of magic and romantiscm. Try the links to adresses, where you might find pen-pals, friends or even, if you are lucky, the one-and-only, you were waiting for all your life. Also attached are books about sex, love and relationships.
If you want to learn some words in German, here is the easy way to do it. You can start at any lesson you want and if you like, do a test afterwards to see if you have understood it all.
Art page If art is a mystery to you, but you still would like to participate in talking about art, then have a look at my easy-to-understand art-encyclopaedia for people who don't want to read a whole library. :-)

And if you want to know what "Work of Art" I create in my free time, have a look at my pictures.

Here you can send E-mail-postcards to your friends. No costs - constant changing pictures. So come back again whenever you want to send a postcard. If you have a picture that you think is suitable for this site, mail it to me. (Please mail it as jpg or gif file....please make sure there is no copyright on this picture).

Apart from that, you also find a Message Board, a chatroom and a Guestbook here.

Frames If you have a browser that is able to show frames, you can use this link to surf through most of my pages very comfortably. Try it!
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I would be glad if you find the time to review and judge my homepage. I am always interested in other oppinions, to be able to improve my sites. Here you find the right form for this.
Or give a direct online-voting an see the oppinion of others as well.

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