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Though nearly everyone knows what bellydance is and has probably even seen one himself, it is very hard to transport the feeling you get when dancing.

To move to the rhythm of the calling music, to let your arms flow around your body and to swing around the veils, gives us North-Europeans a touch of 1001 nights.

All over in Germany you are able to learn this art of dancing. Most popular are the "Volkshochschulen" (evening schools). After only a short period of time, you are able to dance small passages. But for the perfect performance you need years of practise and learning. Not every person who is performing in public, shows the Bellydance at its best. Overestimation of one's talents is quite common in this art.

During lessons, you normally start with a warm-up, continue with easy movements like hip rotating, torso pushing and trying to go gracefully. Then there mostly will follow short combinations of steps that lead to complete dance choreographies.

Apart from the sportive aspect, there are always advice to how to create your own costume, how to use the make-up for a performance and where to buy the music and all the other stuff.

Bellydance is more than just a sport. It is a hobby that requires all your creativity.

Useful Addresses for Bellydancers:

Get your music by mail: Canzone
Savignypassage Bogen 583
10623 Berlin
Tel: 030/303131578
Fax: 030/3126527
Good music for beginners: Music by George Abdo
Music by Emad Sayyah
CD "Baladi Plus" von Hossam Ramzy
Get anything that glitters for your costumes by mail: Tabou
Ulrike Barton
Koblenzer Str. 205
56154 Boppard/Rhein
Tel: 06742/4833
Fax: 06742/81738
Bellydanc Books:
With pictures for self-studying: Anmutig und Fit durch Bauchtanz
von Marta
The standard book by the founder of Oriental Dance in Germany: Das Bauchtanzbuch
von Dietlinde Karkutli
To read: Bauchtanz
von Ulaya Gadalla
Goldmann Verlag
Fantastic pictures: Die Schlange vom Nil
von Wendy Buonaventura
Rogner∓mp;Bernhard bei Zweitausendeins
Belly Dance magazines:
Tanz Oriental see link below
Halima Rebhuhnweg 3
90547 Stein
Tel: 0911/6883989
Fax: 0911/6883990

Links to Bellydance-pages:

Magazine: Tanz Oriental
Everything about Oriental Dance
Links for bellydancers
Shopping for bellydancers
Online Zimbelkurs (in Englisch)

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