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A course to learn German
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More lessons will be added whenever I find the time to do it.
Then you can start wherever you want. Have fun!

Lesson 1
personal pronouns and the verb to be  
Test for lesson 1 Solution for test 1
Lesson 2
ending of verbs and common sayings 
Test for lesson 2 Solution for test 2
Lesson 3
interrogations, numbers, useful little words, verb "have" 
Test for lesson 3 Solution for test 3
Lesson 4
pronounciations and a sample of some spoken German words (370 kilobyte)
test is included in the lesson Solution for test 4
Lesson 5
expressing yourself in the past tense (present perfect)
Test for lesson 5 Solution for test 5
Vocabulary - English in alphabetical order Vocabulary - German in alphabetical order Vocabulary - per lesson in alphabetical order
If you like, you can leave me a message here (anything you would like to have in the next lesson, any comments, ....). If I am online, I will be alerted at once. Otherwise I get it, when I log in the next time.
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