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A little Encyclopaedia of Art

for people who want to know what others are talking about when going to art-galleries :-)))

More artists and periods will be added whenever I find the time to do it. I am new to this too, but my online-friend Mark from the United States helped me a lot and acted as my teacher. Unfortunately we lost contact, so that there will be no more additional sites in the foreseeable future.

You will find a short introduction to the period and the life of the artist, one of his paintings and links to fantastic pages with a lot more details than I can show you here.
Start wherever you want. Have fun!

Dutch and Flemish period Johannes Vermeer
Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci
  Fresco Paintings - Explanation
Pre-Renaissance Giotto di Bondone
Early Renaissance Sandro Botticelli
more periods and artists: will come later meanwhile have a look at my "works of art"

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