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I would be very glad, if you could answer some questions to my homepage. As you probably know, I am still experimenting with HTML and Java Scripts. Unfortunately there is nothing to win for you here (sorry ... still no one sponsoring me :-)), but you help me to improve my sites with your answers.
Thanks a lot! :-)

And now, let's start!
Last Name:
First Name:
Where are you from?
What parts of my pages
were you interested in most?
  • "Who am I?" - ... I wanted to learn more about you

  • "Indian Dance"

  • "Bellydance"

  • "Romanticism" - ... I can use it sometime, maybe

  • "The German language course"

  • "The pictures" - ... I just wanted to know how you look

  • "The links" - ... some I have tried already

  • "Art Page" - ... a bit of knowledge won't hurt me, right?!

  • "Post Card Service" - ... at least something useful

  • Something else - ... or in everything a bit

  • actually nothing ... what am I doing here?
Please judge my homepage? It is:
How fast are the pages loading? the loading times are ok   the loading times are too long
What do you use to go online? the fastest possibility (DSL)  no DSL
Is this the first time you write to me? Do we know each other? Yes, I know you   No, I don't know you
Would you like to make some comments?

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